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The team at AlphaDawg Trading understands the business, market and demanding timelines to seamlessly facilitate inventory purchases.

 + 34 Years Experience

 + 1.2 Million Tons Moved

 + 1,100 Customers Served


Buyers and sellers can have confidence that the team at AlphaDawg Trading will handle all transactions with the upmost professionalism. Our traders understand that it must be a win-win situation that builds a better bottom line for all.


In this business relationships are critical. Our vast international network of business partners insures we provide you with the most beneficial solution for your bottom line.

 + 1,100 Business Partners in US and Canada

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We Do Best.

For Our Sellers

AlphaDawg Trading is a solution for your challenging inventory or raw material situations, even if they include restrictions. Our team works efficiently and with the highest integrity – from the simplest to the most sensitive transaction. We work with a variety of conditional inventory situations such as liquidation, off specification, expired, surplus, distressed, discontinued and more to maximize the value and margin to your bottom line.

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For Our Buyers

AlphaDawg Trading can provide exclusive opportunity buys for a multitude of products, raw materials and ingredients. We can provide product samples (most cases), Specification Sheets, Certificate of Analysis, Kosher Certificates, Ingredient Decks, Nutrition Labels, and Country of Origin Certificates. Further, our transaction process includes all available documentation that is relevant to the purchase.

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We Do It Best.

Simple & Efficent

AlphaDawg Trading will handle all the logistics, samples, communications and documentation. All costs are consolidated into one billing to eliminate confusion and frustration. In a nutshell, we keep it simple and efficient.

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